Mariner is a standard-design star station orbiting Van Maanen's Star, a white dwarf 14.4 light years from Sol. It is the twelfth station founded by the Earth Company.

Mariner was founded in 2175 by ECS9 Beagle, which departed Pell Station in 2169. It is 6.2 light years from Pell (Tau Ceti) and 7.7 light years from Eldorado (UV Ceti/Luyten 726-8).

Mariner was blown by Union saboteurs in the last year of the Company War, April 2352, also destroying several docked merchanters.

Union-occupied at the Treaty of Pell, by ~2370, a rebuilt Mariner had shifted to Alliance membership. Mariner is reachable via FTL routes from Pell (via Tripoint), Voyager (via Mariner-Voyager point), Pan-Paris (intermediate jump point not specified), and Cyteen (intermediate jump point not specified).

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