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Earth Company / Mazianni Fleet Edit

Designation Starship Class Captain Appearing in Notes
ECS-1 Europe Carrier Conrad Mazian Riders: Northwind, Eastwind, Westwind, Southwind
ECS-2 Australia Carrier Tom Edger Merchanter's Luck Riders: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
ECS-5 Norway Carrier Signy Mallory Downbelow Station, Merchanter's Luck Riders: Odin (Quevedo), Thor (Almarshad), Fenris, Frey
ECS-7 Africa Carrier Porey Rimrunners Riders: Niger, Tana, Congo, Zambesi
ECS-9 Atlantic Carrier Mira Kreshov Riders: Azores, Tristan de Cunha, Bahamas, Madeira
ECS-10 Pacific Carrier Sung Riders: Solomon, Fiji, Samoa, Tuamotu
ECS-14 Italia Carrier Destroyed
ECS-19 Tibet Carrier Kant Riders: Lhasa, Xigaze, Gyangze, Zagyab
ECS-23 India Carrier Keu Riders: Ganges, Tigris, Krishna, Brahmaputra
ECS-28 France Carrier Destroyed
ECS-32 Libya Carrier Chenel Riders: Al Hamra, Tarabulus, Banghazi, Al Kufrah
ECS-33 Brazil Carrier Destroyed
ECS-36 Egypt Carrier Destroyed
ECS-48 United States Carrier

Union Military Ships Edit

Designation Starship Class Captain Appearing in Notes
US1 Unity Carrier Seb Azov
US2 Amity Carrier
US4 Defiance Carrier
US6 Gallant Carrier Varney
US335 Rapier Cruiser Holliman
US337 Eagle Cruiser Keely
US118 Indomitable Light Cruiser Weingarten
US119 Hannibal Light Cruiser Austin
US122 Xerxes Light Cruiser Jamil
US3 Valiant Transport
US28 Wyatt's Hope Transport
US29 Venture Transport Mary Engles
US933 Capable Transport Emmer
US116 Zealous Transport Cassidy
US1 Aurora Decommissioned First FTL.

Merchanter Ships Edit

Starship Registry Family Captain Appearing in Notes
Estelle Mariner Quen
Le Cygne Mariner Kreja Sandor Kreja Merchanter's Luck aka Lucy
Sita Mariner Alstead
Finity's End Pan-Paris Neihart James Robert Neihart Finity's End
Dublin Cyteen Reilly
Bonny Chance Esperance McEwen
Dublin Again Viking Reilly Michael Reilly Merchanter's Luck
Sprite Hawkins Mischa Hawkins Tripoint
Corinthian Bowe Austin Bowe Tripoint
Loki Wolfe Rimrunners Alliance 'spook' ship.

Compact Space starships Edit

Starship Class Captain Faction Appearing in Notes
The Pride of Chanur Pyanfar Chanur Hani The Pride of Chanur, Chanur's Venture
Mahijiru Ana Ismehanan-min (Goldtooth) Mahendo'sat The Pride of Chanur, Chanur's Venture
Hinukku Akukkakk Kif The Pride of Chanur
Aja Jin Keia Nomesteturjai Mahendo'sat Chanur's Venture
Kahakt Akkhtimakt Kif Chanur's Venture
Harukk Sikkukkut Kif Chanur's Venture
Chanur's Legacy Hilfy Chanur Hani Chanur's Legacy
Tiraskhi Vikktakkht an Nikkatu Kif Chanur's Legacy

External links Edit

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